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Pastor Dottie's Message
Wednesday, July 03 2019

  Pastor’s Message – July 2019  

Have you heard about a summer slump?   

You know, those hazy-lazy-crazy days of summer where the only reason you want to be away from an air conditioner is if you are sitting on a beach somewhere.

  • It affects ball teams.
  • It affects businesses.
  • And it affects churches.

You know the signs, a decrease in attendance.

Followed by a downturn in giving.

So, is it possible for us to avoid the “Summer Slump” and still enjoy the summer?

Yes, it is!

By all means…take your vacations, we need those times away.

Hit the road and go somewhere…enjoy your free time.

But don’t forget what is most important.

While we enjoy time away, and time with our family and friends, or just time to do absolutely nothing…we can’t forget our first love and our commitment to God.

How can we do that? I think we can find the answer by looking at the story of the Widow’s Mite.

Mark 12:41-44      

It is this scene that we find 3 keys that can help us avoid the “summer slump”.  

Let’s explore.

First of all, …

Its main purpose was for worship.

When this dear woman of faith showed up to make her offering…at the Temple.

During the summer months, it’s easy for us to get lax in our church attendance.                  

There might be those days that we wake up and think a day at the lake would be the best thing for us.

Or perhaps it may be a lot easier for us to just stay in bed and in the air conditioning rather than getting out into the heat and humidity.

I understand…I’ve been there.

But we can’t forget the importance of worship.

It has to be a priority for us.

Give Sacrificially!

Back in our text, this widow gave 2 little mites…not the biggest of offerings in terms of quantity, but in quality, it was the highest.

She gave 2 mites, hardly anything compared to some; but in terms of percentages, she was batting 1,000.

She gave all she had for the glory of God.

  • Live by Faith

Once again, to our text, this widow came with nearly nothing, and gave all of it.

How much faith did that require of her?

How much faith did she have in God that He would supply all of her needs according to His riches in glory?

She may not have known where her next meal was coming from, but one thing was for sure, she had enough faith in God to take that risk.

Are you in the summer slump?     I hope not, because we still have a long way to go.   

Avoiding it is simple:    

1. Make worship a priority

2. Give sacrificially

3. Live by faith

Look forward to seeing you Sunday mornings, and don’t forget we will be worshipping in room 201, which is air-conditioned.


Pastor Dottie                               







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