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Pastor Dottie's Message
Thursday, August 01 2019

  Pastor’s Message – August 2019  

It is hard to believe that July is over, and we are heading into August and back to school.  All the

ads in the newspapers are about school supplies and school clothes.

Time seems to move so fast and we can’t seem to slow it down no matter how hard we try.

July has been a month that brought sadness to our church with the deaths of two incredible ladies,  Shirley Christian and Ann Fassett.  They will be missed for their support and commitment to MSPC and most importantly for their faith in God.

July also brought us great worship and music in our services and leadership, which has given us opportunities to reach out into our neighborhood to share a meal and fellowship with those who live near our church.

As we head into the next few weeks, we will again open our church for a neighborhood meal and sharing of food, laughter, and fellowship.  Thanks to those who have provided leadership for the opportunity to share God’s love around a shared meal.

I recently found the following list of things that each of us can do as members of the church to make it the best that it can be and to open our hearts to others.

These seven steps will open us to God touching our lives and the lives of others. So please make every effort to follow this advice and see where it takes you for the remainder of the summer. 

  1. Pray for the church
  2. Encourage the pastor and staff
  3. Encourage other church members
  4. Give abundantly
  5. Don’t gossip
  6. Forgive others
  7. Serve joyfully

I am positive that when each of us lives our lives following these suggestions, we will be glad that we did.

Make each day the best that it can be for you and for those you meet.

Pastor Dottie                               







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