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Wednesday, May 30 2018

Pastor’s Message – June 2018    

 If you missed church yesterday (May 20) you missed a fabulous celebration of worship, the music was outstanding and shared by all the talented folks who have been with us at different times this year. They ALL joined voices in one beautiful choir and we were not disappointed.  It was a wonderful day of worship.

Following this great service, we enjoyed a meal of good food and fellowship provided by the Hospitality Committee.

 Where do we go from here?

   It is SUMMER, and I don’t even feel like we have experienced Spring yet, but off we go into the summer months which bring many different things for each of us.

For some it means vacations and time away.

For others it means being outside and caring for our lawns and flower gardens.

For others it means summer sports with our children or grandchildren.

For others just, quiet time outside enjoying sunshine and warmth.

Whatever summer means to you one thing is important to remember it doesn’t mean a vacation from church and from God.

Summer is a perfect opportunity to spend time experiencing God when we are out in nature and see His creation in all of its beauty.

Summer is a time while we are soaking up the warmth that we read His word and listen for His voice in our quiet morning or afternoon tea or coffee.

God is with us every season of the year but in the summer, we do have more opportunity to see Him at work in a different setting.

Again, this summer we will be worshipping in the comfort of air conditioning in room 201.  I know it is not our beautiful sanctuary, but it will be comfortable in the heat of the summer and I always enjoy the intimacy we experience when we worship there together.

Please come, knowing the music will be uplifting,

God’s word will be shared in challenging ways

and just maybe God will have a surprise in store for you.

May God’s sunshine warm your heart and soul this summer.

Pastor Dottie

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