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Pastor Ken's Message
Wednesday, September 25 2019


   Pastor’s Message – October 2019

            In preparation for my move to Lima, Ohio, I came across a true family heirloom. Several years ago, my mother gave me the watch her grandfather used as a conductor on the Pennsylvania Railroad. My great grandfather spent many years of his life going in and out of passenger railroad cars collecting tickets and serving the needs of the riders on the Pennsylvania Railroad. The watch is circular with a stem that can be pushed to open the face of the watch. A long chain was used to attach the clip to his belt and rest the watch in his pocket, so it could be taken out very quickly. I can imagine my great grandfather opening the watch repeatedly to answer questions such as, “What time is it? (Eccles. 3: 1-11) Are we on schedule? (Ephes. 5:16)” I treasure this watch because it represents my family history in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

                As I held this watch in my hands, I thought about coming to serve as your new pastor-preacher at Market Street Presbyterian Church. While I am not coming to collect tickets for your travels on the railroad system, I am coming to be of service to you and all who attend and are associated with Market Street Presbyterian Church. We are all travelers in this world with our true destination as heaven (Jn.14:1-3). Together at times we will ride very smoothly, and at other times we might hit some bumps causing us some discomfort, and go around some curves screeching tossing us from side to side (Jn.16:33). Be assured that the engineer, the Lord Jesus, will keep us moving toward the goal of reaching heaven (Jn. 14:2). The Lord Jesus is the head of the church (Ephes. 5:23), and He is completely in charge. The power of the engine is the steam turning the wheels. The steam is made by the fire of The Holy Spirit (Lk. 3:16) applied to the boiler. The coal is fed into the fire for the boiler, and God’s Word, the Holy Bible, is like the coal (Isa. 6:6) or source of power (Heb. 4:12).

              The church is similar to the old time railroad system of the engine, the coal car, passenger cars and caboose. As the church, we

are on the tracks that are straight and narrow (Matt. 7:13-14). Like a conductor, I will be a servant to meet your spiritual needs (Matt. 20:28). Yes, I will be available to talk with you on the phone, to visit you in your home and to come to your aid if you are hospitalized or in a nursing home. I ask that you make me aware of your needs, and I will come to your side and read you comforting words from God’s holy Word and offer prayer to assist you in your travels in this life. So, please let me be like my great grandfather with his conductor’s watch and work closely with you at Market Street Presbyterian Church, as we travel together on the straight and narrow tracks in the year ahead.

            I would like to thank the Pulpit Nominating Committee (PNC) for recommending me to the elders. The PNC treated me and my wife, Audrey, as royalty.  My thanks also goes to all elders on session for giving me an affirmative vote (I Cor. 1:4). I am looking forward to getting to know you and to let you get to know me, as we worship God together and serve Him in Lima, Ohio.

Your New Pastor,

Rev. Kenneth Chorle (Pastor Ken)










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