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Friday, August 21 2020

  Pastor’s Message – August 2020

“From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD'S name is to be praised.” Psalm 113:3

                                   I just returned from three weeks of vacation with my wife, Audrey. We chose to spend our time together in Erie, PA. Together Audrey and I swam in Lake                              Erie, walked the beach and bathed in the sun at Presque Isle Park. The most impressive moment was when we sat on the beach and watched the setting                              of the sun. The intensive red ball of the sun slowly departed across the blue like water surface of Lake Erie and disappeared over the horizon. Thus, the

                           sun leaving us signified that another day was complete. We, like all on the face of the earth, would have to wait for the sun’s presence to show up in the

                          morning with its rising.

                The Psalmist in Psalm 113 reminds all of us that every minute of every day on this earth is to be filled with the praise of the LORD. Praise to the LORD is to be sandwiched between the rising of the sun in the early morning and the setting of the sun in the late evening. The verse does not say anything about the nighttime. But, even at night, the praise of God is to continue on the earth (Ps. 42:8; 77:6).

           Man With Metal Detector Has Just Found A Diamond Ring Royalty Free ...

                                        Another thing that occupied my time was using a metal detector to look for buried treasure on the beach. I was extremely excited to get a strong                                            signal and recover a lost quarter. Another time my metal detector indicated the presence of something in the sand, I pulled out a dime and three                                               pennies. So, my  total treasure find was thirty-eight cents.

            Please allow me to change subjects in this article for the newsletter. Due to the current situations, I would like to ask every member and friend of Market Street Presbyterian Church to do your best to keep the peace at our fellowship. There is much confusion happening in America as I write this article. The two major sources of confusion are the medical emergency and the protests and demonstrations in the streets. The stress of these two external situations has come upon our church and, indeed, upon on all churches in the land of America.

                              The question that each of us needs to ask is: “In what ways can I be a peacemaker in our church and in our nation?” The two situations of medical                                          emergency and social protests and unruly crowd behaviors are dividing people. So, as pastor, I am asking each one within our congregation to be

                              respectful of others. Face masks are optional within the confines of our church. Every individual can decide for himself or herself to wear a mask or not

                              wear a mask.  Remaining in room 201 creates some problems, but it does provide for good air to breathe and cool temperature during worship. We will

                              return to the main sanctuary in September.

                             The session and I are doing our best to work things out at Market St. Church and make decisions that are pleasing to God and helpful to the body of


            I would also ask that you pray for our congregation and for our community and for our nation at this time.  If you are led by the Holy Spirit, come and join the prayer meeting on Wednesdays at noon in the chapel.

                                                                                                           Pastor Ken Chorle










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