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Pastor Ken's Message
Wednesday, September 30 2020

     Pastor’s Message – October 2020 

                On October first, it will be my one-year anniversary as your pastor-preacher at Market Street Presbyterian Church. The first Sunday of October in 2019 was my first official sermon to you, as the congregation. On Saturday evening, the day before my first message was to be preached, I was out walking. Looking off in the distance, I failed to notice a hole directly in front of my footing. My one foot went in the hole, and immediately I was down on the ground. My thoughts on my first Sunday were about my embarrassing fall the night before. I was hoping the mark on my forehead would not be noticed, as I led the service and preached.

                I bring this story to your attention to let you know that I am now very relaxed and not embarrassed about my falls and mistakes. In other words, we are now a family, and you can observe me as I am, without me trying to hide the bumps on my forehead from my falls and mistakes.

                Many ask me, “Do you like living in Lima?” My answer is “Yes, at heart I am a city person, and I am living in an area with some very outstanding people.” Having grown up near the city of Pittsburgh, I can see many similarities between Lima and Pittsburgh. So, I feel right at home in Lima. But, I am not accustomed to so many train crossings and possible delays due to all the trains passing by on the tracks throughout the city.

                The next practical question I am asked is about living so far apart from my wife, Audrey. We are about 550 miles in distance apart. My response is that we have the best of marriage because I cannot get into any trouble and do any wrong! I also present to my listeners the oxymoron that I am a “married bachelor.” Yes, it’s not the best situation, but we are strong in our faith and in our love for one another.

                I think that God, through the working of The Holy Spirit, accomplished three goals of mine. First, I desired to set up a regular prayer meeting. Currently, our prayer group meets on Wednesdays at noon in the chapel. We uphold the needs of our congregation, community, nation and the world to God in prayer in the name of Jesus. Second, I desired to have a weekly Bible study. The Bible study group meets Wednesday evenings, and we are studying the first book of the Bible, Genesis. Third, I wanted to meet the members and attendees at MSPC and get to know them on a more personal basis. This has happened and keeps happening. If you are interested in getting to know me better, I would be happy to come and visit with you in your home or meet you for a meal at a local restaurant. Please call the church and let Sandy, our secretary, know of your desire, and I will call you and set up a time for us to get together.

                I acknowledge that I am blessed to have a church that works together and stays together because some fine interim pastoral work was done prior to my arrival by Pastor Dottie Kaiser. So, without her labors in the Lord I may not be so relaxed and find it easy and joyful to labor with all of you at Market Street Presbyterian Church.

                Thank you for accepting me as your pastor-preacher and for putting up with me when I step into a hole and fall. I am looking forward to another year with you, provided this meets the approval of the Session.  

                                                                                                                                                                             Pastor Ken Chorle

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