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Missions Report

We sent 41 hygiene kits to the Presbyterian Disaster Relief efforts!   Your Mission Committee met on Monday the 16th of November and sorted the last of the items; checked the kits; and packed them for shipping.  Sharon Savill took the boxes to UPS and sent them on their way to Ferncliff Disaster warehouse in Arkansas.  I’m sure that with all the fire and hurricane disasters the stockpiles of supplies are much diminished and that your generosity is very appreciated.

 We adopted 15 children from the Salvation Army program again this year.  We always hear how much fun it is for you to shop for young ones.  Many of us have grandchildren of our own that have outgrown the need for toys and games so it is a blessing for us to shop for these younger children,  All gifts for these children need to be at the church by the morning of December 7th.

Also, on December 20th we will be collecting the Christmas Joy Offering.  Envelopes are enclosed.

As we end this year of giving of our time and efforts as well as our money, I hope that you have also kept those we assist in your prayers.  Please keep all those many people in need in your prayers as we reach the end of this difficult year. 

For the Mission Committee

Karen Jarvis